Walgreens' in-store community rooms driving consultation opportunities


GLENDALE, Ind. — Walgreens clinicians here took the initiative and fashioned a recurring "Weight Check Wednesdays" event to help educate new moms on baby care, the Indianopolis Star reported online Tuesday morning.

Walgreens pharmacist Amy Lenell in April repurposed a recently remodeled community room into a drop-in clinic for new moms, the Star reported. Both Lenell and Sarah Long, a lactation consultant, provide consultation opportunities for moms.

The positive feedback has caught the attention back at corporate. "We want to see how it goes at this location," Vivika Panagiotakakos, Walgreens spokeswoman, told the Indianapolis daily. "The whole purpose of these rooms is focused on helping customers live well, stay well and get well."

In addition to checking baby weight, the pharmacists provide counseling on breast-feeding and proper nutrition.

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