Walmart's retail medical clinics to add telemedicine services


LONDON — A worldwide provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services has partnered with Telemed Ventures to deliver a managed visual collaboration solution to Walmart's retail medical clinics.

BSC Global said it is bringing its service — which enables remote video consultations between a patient and doctor through a life-like, virtual face-to-face video interface over a secure video network — to Walmart's retail medical clinics, which are operated by Telemed Ventures' Smart Care Doc brand. Users of the service have the ability to conduct telepresence-quality face-to-face interactions over the Internet using existing laptops, smartphones or tablets — making it a very affordable solution for patients, doctors and healthcare providers, the companies said.

"We are very excited to partner with Telemed to deliver our managed, cloud-based, visual collaboration solution to Walmart's retail medical clinics," BCS Global CEO Clive Sawkins said. "Video technology continues to evolve exponentially; technology that came to market 12 to 18 months ago is now primetime. Surpassing the underlying technology that powered the legacy video systems of yesterday, is a newer, more intelligent technology that enables us to bring to Walmart's retail medical clinics, a cost-effective solution, and an improved user experience."

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