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Wanda Sykes to represent Gain brand in campaign celebrating scent preferences


Procter & Gamble announced Tuesday that Gain would be partnering with comedienne and actress Wanda Sykes, who will join Gain’s resident “Scenthropologist” Tim Hittle in promoting Gain’s 13 detergents and fabric softener scents.

Syke’s voice will be part of Gain’s new national TV ad campaign, which will feature diverse characters with different backgrounds and interests to celebrate Gain fans’ uniqueness and diverse scent preferences. Hittle works in the Gain research and development department and has helped create many of the Gain scents available today. As part of the campaign, he will be sharing scent tips and advice on Gain’s Facebook page at

“Not many people know this, but I’m a person who loves scent and needs to be surrounded by my favorite ones,” Sykes said. “I’m excited to work with Gain because they are celebrating what makes this world so beautiful and diverse, and doing it by helping people find the things that help them express who they are, like their signature scent.”

Gain detergent and fabric softener are available at retail locations nationwide in fan-favorite scents like Original Fresh and Apple Tango, as well as fun and unique scents like Icy Fresh Fizz, Hawaiian Aloha and Butterfly Kiss. Also available now: Gain’s new Forget-Me-Not dryer bar, which maintains the Gain scent in a load of laundry even without the fabric softener, and Fireworks In-Wash scent booster.

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