Wearable panic button React Sidekick reaches retail


React Sidekick Personal Panic Button by React Mobile from Robb on Vimeo.

SEATTLE  -­ React Mobile on Wednesday announced a retail distribution agreement with Walgreens that puts its React Sidekick, a wearable panic button that turns any smartphone into a powerful lifeline, on store shelves at select locations in the Midwest United States.  

"Our rollout of the React Sidekick at Walgreens is just in time for the back-to-school season ­ when child and student safety is top-of-mind with families and school administrators," stated Robb Monkman, CEO React Mobile. "Walgreens shoppers are among the first to have access to the React Sidekick in a retail store location, where it¹s easy to see how simple and convenient this personal safety device can be to wear or carry ­ making personal safety accessible at the touch of a button."

The React Sidekick, which can be worn on a clip or keychain, pairs with the free React Mobile safety app via LE Bluetooth.  With a single click of the Sidekick, users can activate the app and issue an SOS alert for immediate emergency assistance, even when their phone screen is locked or their phone is out of reach.  

The React Mobile safety app¹s "Follow-Me" feature shares the user's location with friends, family, administrators or colleagues, enabling them to track the user¹s whereabouts in real-time and follow him or her to safety.  Users can also choose to automatically post their alerts to Facebook and Twitter.

The React Sidekick retails for $69 and is also available at other online retailers, including Target.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com,Kmart.com, Sears.com and at ReactMobile.com.

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