What role can your brand play in drug stores’ future?


A mile high here at NACDS Marketplace 2012, spirits are riding about as high. All things considered, this is a pretty good time to be in the drug store business.

Pharmacy dollars and scripts are ahead of the overall trend, and on the front-end, dollars and trips are up considerably as consumers are trading trips to the big boxes for more quick trips to the drug store.

There is no denying the role that fresh food is playing in all of this, but in general, drug stores have done a good job of giving consumers one more reason to shop their stores. And that’s going to mean more and more in the future, when the drug store will have to be known for something more than just a place to fill a script.

The drug store of the future will be a place that fills specific and pronounced needs for local shoppers — more food in food deserts; more beauty in high-fashion areas; stores segmented for Hispanic communities, seniors, high-income and low-income. It also will be a place where customers come for unique services; where specially trained health and beauty advisers help shoppers navigate the store and identify new product needs; and where brands help the retailers create a unique experience that shoppers can only get there.

What role can your brand play?

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