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Staying dry, technically


GILBERT, Ariz. —Consumers with a wet cell phone can avert disaster with a new product from HPL. The Dry-All wet cellular phone emergency kit dries out wet cell phones in 48 hours using the company’s dehumidifying technology. Consumers unzip the Dry-All bag, place the wet cell phone inside, zip up the bag and wait 48 hours. Aime Gutierrez, director of sales and marketing for Dry-All, said the product has a “great success rate.”

HPL, which manufactures molecular dehumidifiers, developed the technology to protect moisture-sensitive military equipment. The product also has been used for daily moisture removal from hearing aids, and now is being used to dry out wet electronic items, such as iPods and cell phones.

The kit retails for $9.99 and has been available online. The company is looking to expand distribution to mass outlets.

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