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Wisk Deep Clean seeks to eliminate tough stains


WILTON, Conn. — Wisk has expanded its portfolio to include a new line of detergent.

Wisk Deep Clean is a new formula that contains a unique and patented blend of MicroCleaners that is designed to eliminate stains that typically are left behind by detergents, such as body oils and sweat. The Wisk Deep Clean portfolio includes five varieties:

  • Wisk Deep Clean original cleans beyond visible stains, attacking the trapped body oils and sweat;

  • Wisk Deep Clean high efficiency, which is specially formulated for high efficiency machines;

  • Wisk Deep Clean Oxi Complete, with the added power of Oxi to fight a full range of stains while safely whitening whites and brightening colors. It is safe for both standard and HE machines;

  • Wisk Deep Clean Fresh Breeze, with an added boost of freshness is safe for both standard and HE machines; and

  • Wisk Deep Clean Free & Pure, which is specially formulated without dyes or perfumes to be gentle on skin but tough on hidden body oils and sweat. Free and Pure is safe for both standard and HE machines.

Wisk Deep Clean now is available at retailers nationwide.

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