Wonder launches Smartwhite for Kids


IRVING, Texas — Wonder has introduced a new bread for kids under its Smart bread line.

New Smartwhite for Kids contains no high-fructose corn syrup, provides the same amount of fiber as 100% whole wheat bread, the calcium of an 8 oz. glass of milk and has only 50 calories per slice, the company said. Two slices of Smartwhite for Kids contain nine essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, vitamin D and folic acid and also has 25% less sodium than regular white bread. Additionally, Smartwhite for Kids' packaging features Wonder's new "nutritional notes," which clearly display all of these important nutritional facts about the bread, Wonder noted.

"Smartwhite for Kids is a great way for parents to fit more nutrition into their children's diets while still giving them the Wonder they know and love," said Stephanie Fletcher, brand manager for the bakers of Wonder. "The bread's nutrition notes make it easy for families on the go to make informed, nutritious choices for summer snacktime or school lunchtime."

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