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The world's first LED light bulb with dual USB charging is here


LOS ANGELES -- Mega Tiny Corp has unveiled PowerBulb, the world's first LED light bulb that integrates USB charging anywhere in the home, office or hotel.

PowerBulb harnesses the power of the light bulb to charge mobile devices. Simply place PowerBulb into a lamp, turn on the lamp, attach a USB charging cable, and then connect the devices.

"We saw an obvious problem that almost everyone faces: how to get easily accessible charging ports anywhere in our home without a big mess of cables and the hassle of locating an outlet that's never in a convenient place. Our bright idea was tapping into the light bulb!" said Jeff Wilcox, head of product development.

PowerBulb is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at $29. The company is looking to expand distribution.

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