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Ziploc brand intros new easy-open bags


RACINE, Wis. — Ziploc brand from SC Johnson announced the debut of new Ziploc bags with “Easy Open Tabs,” which feature ergonomic tabs that are easier to grip and open. 


In celebration of the new product launch, the brand is partnering with Tough Mudder, a popular obstacle course, to honor mothers who who take challenges head on and prove what they’re capable of. 


"We are proud to partner with Ziploc brand this year to honor and recognize tough mothers around the country," said Dan Weinberg, VP of global partnerships at Tough Mudder.


Actress and mother Candace Cameron Bure, who television viewers may remember from the sitcom "Full House," is also partnering with Ziploc.  "I'm proud to partner with a brand that listens to its consumers and creates products based on their needs," Bure said.


The Ziploc bags with Easy Open Tabs will be available in three varieties: freezer, storage, sandwich and snack varieties. Each variety will have a distinctive color tab to help with organization. The new bags are currently available at retailers nationwide. 

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