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NPTA launches education, training programs for all PTCB offerings


The National Pharmacy Technician Association, a leading provider of ACPE-accredited continuing education programs for pharmacy technicians certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, has developed advanced training programs in five specialty areas: Technician Product Verification, Medication History, Hazardous Drug Management, Billing and Reimbursement, and Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention that are all PTCB-recognized for PTCB’s specialty certificate programs.

"As the roles of certified pharmacy technicians continue to evolve and expand, NPTA is committed to ensuring that they have access to the necessary training and assessment tools to demonstrate their knowledge and skills," said Mike Johnston, NPTA founder and CEO. "As part of the release of our PTCB-recognized education/training programs, we will offer bundling with registration for PTCB’s corresponding certificate programs, providing a streamlined process for technicians to demonstrate their advanced competencies."

"We are pleased that NPTA offers this range of specialty education/training programs that meet PTCB’s criteria for recognition," said PTCB executive director and CEO William Schimmel. "The NPTA programs create more options for CPhTs seeking to complete PTCB’s education/training requirements to be eligible to earn our specialty certificates. In addition, NPTA is creating a simplified path for pharmacy technicians and employers to package NPTA’s training with PTCB’s assessments."

"With this announcement, NPTA continues to lead the advancement of the pharmacy technician profession by becoming the first and only organization to offer a PTCB-recognized education/training program for every certification and certificate program offered by PTCB [including PTCB’s CPhT Certification, CSPT Certification, and all five specialty certificate programs], as well as to offer bundling with registration for PTCB’s certificate programs," said Johnston.

Pharmacy technicians can learn more about the programs here.

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