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Ocean Grown Ventures breaks into CBD with Tikva

The company has joined Panaxia, an Israeli pharmaceutical company, to offer Tikva, a line of CBD products made to strict pharmaceutical standards and predetermined specifications to create safe, consistent and efficacious solutions.

In the tough world of CBD, manufacturers are doing all they can to stay ahead of the competition. Officials at Ocean Grown Ventures, based in Simi Valley, Calif., said they think they have a solution for consumers looking for peace of mind when buying CBD products.

The products are manufactured to GMP standards set to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products. Panaxia manufactures Tikva’s full-spectrum, THC-free (less than 0.3%) hemp CBD products at a U.S. facility with the same standards as its Israeli laboratories, according to Natalie Katz, brand manager at Tikva.

The line includes nine SKUs, with seven in tablet, creams or oil formats, and two bath balms. “Due to federal restrictions, U.S. cannabis companies are just starting to do high-level research and studies on their products, Katz said. “Tikva’s world-renowned Israeli-based manufacturer, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals, is already a decade ahead, making Tikva products virtually unmatched by anyone in the U.S. market.”