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Optum to offer lower-cost Sanofi insulin for uninsured people with diabetes

People living with diabetes who do not have insurance will pay $35 for a 30-day supply of Sanofi insulins.

To support patient access to affordable insulin, Optum, a UnitedHealth Group, is working with Sanofi to offer a 30-day supply of commonly used Sanofi insulins for $35 to people with diabetes who do not have insurance, through its online health services and products retailer Optum Store.

Available now with a valid prescription, this new, lower-cost insulin solution accelerates UnitedHealth Group’s ongoing effort to ensure people get the prescription medications they need and make health care more affordable. Last month, UnitedHealthcare announced plans to eliminate out-of-pocket costs in standard fully insured group plans for certain preferred prescription drugs, including insulin and several drugs used to treat emergencies.

“The need for affordable insulin is urgent, especially for uninsured populations,” said Heather Cianfrocco, CEO of Optum Rx. “By working with Sanofi, we will improve access and lower costs for people who need this life-saving medication.”

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As a leading pharmacy care provider, Optum partners with stakeholders across the health system to help bridge the gap of providing access to affordable healthcare services and medications, with a priority on lowering out-of-pocket costs for patients. Leveraging its core clinical and pharmacy benefit capabilities, Optum negotiates lower prices and discounts to help provide affordable, convenient access to needed medications.

People can access Optum Store to determine whether their insulin is part of the affordability program, get qualified and download an insulin savings card, and then fill their prescription at the $35 price point at any retail pharmacy. A mail service option will soon be available for people who prefer home delivery through the Optum Store.

“This collaboration supports Sanofi’s ambition to ensure every person in the U.S. living with diabetes can access and afford the insulin they need,” said Adam Gluck, senior vice president of U.S. corporate affairs at Sanofi. “This collaboration builds on the many programs, like the Insulins Valyou Savings Program, we’ve implemented to help to deliver on our goal to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs by working with Optum to create yet another access point for affordable insulin.”

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The Optum Store is an integrated healthcare marketplace offering prescriptions, a wide variety of everyday health-and-wellness products, online doctor visits and mental health therapy — no insurance required. For prescription medications, Optum Store offers free shipping in all 50 states, auto refills and seamless integration with virtual care.

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