Wax-Rx introduces doctor-developed earwax removal kit

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Wax-Rx introduces doctor-developed earwax removal kit

By Michael Johnsen - 01/16/2018
Wax-Rx, a new ear-cleansing solution, will be featured next week at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores' Regional conference, the company reported.

"About 20 years ago, I invented a product to remove wax from my patients' ear canals," Teddy Garcia, product developer, said. "We have been selling it to doctors' offices ever since. Later, we realized there was a demand for people to be able to clean their ears at home and not always have to go in for an office visit. This is especially true for those with chronic problems."

The Wax-Rx Ear Wash System is a safe, pain-free, doctor-developed cleaning system that optimizes hearing and ear health. The affordable at-home kit includes an ear wash sprayer bottle, a handy basin (to avoid making a mess), ear wax removal drops and pH conditioning powder that rinses out the ears.

Wax-Rx is currently available online and through select independent pharmacies.