AAP announces new Web resource: Pediatric Care Online


BOSTON The American Academy of Pediatrics on Friday announced the introduction of a next-generation point-of-practice resource to the nation’s pediatricians this week as the organization holds its annual National Conference and Exhibition here.

The Web-based resource is called Pediatric Care Online. “It is fast and easy to navigate, and every hit is rewarding,” stated Michael Severson, pediatrician. “Pediatric Care Online is going to be very valuable not only because of the amount and quality of information that it brings together in one place, but also because it’s interactive and there when you need it. If you’ve ever wished for a point-of-care resource that you didn't have, this service probably offers it.”

Through a three-year sponsorship by Mead Johnson Nutritionals, most pediatricians can enroll for a free three-month trial period, while pediatric residents can sign up for a free trial of one year.

At the heart of Pediatric Care Online’s content are three of the AAP’s most relied-upon practice resources: the new AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care, which is the standard reference of its kind; content from the AAP’s Red Book, which provides detailed information on more than 200 childhood infectious diseases; and Bright Futures, the organization’s comprehensive health supervision guidelines.

Mobile features include an interface that will allow users of Internet-capable devices to search the Website. In addition, the service offers a broad range of content that can be downloaded to handhelds that do not have Internet access. Downloads are compatible with Palm, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PC devices. Downloadable content includes the Point-of-Care Quick Reference, Bright Futures, the Bright Futures Pocket Guide, Pediatric Drug Lookup, Interactive Periodicity Schedule, Signs and Symptoms Search, Antimicrobial Therapy Guide and Pediatric Care Updates.

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