ADA study shows high costs of diabetes


ALEXANDRIA, Va. According to a study commissioned by the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is costing Americans $174 billion annually. This figure has increased by 32 percent since 2002.

Medical costs for the care of people with diabetes are estimated to be $116 billion, with a disproportionate percentage of the costs resulting from treatment and hospitalization of people with diabetes-related complications. The study also suggested that 1 out of every 5 health care dollars is spent caring for someone with diagnosed diabetes.

Considering that an additional 6 million more people are believed to have diabetes, but have not yet been diagnosed, the study estimated that the actual cost of diabetes may greatly exceed $174 billion.

“Diabetes plagues more than just the individual with the disease. It is common, it is costly, it creates numerous complications, and there is no cure. Until we start reversing current trends, through increased awareness, prevention and aggressive disease management, diabetes will continue to have an adverse impact on our society as a whole,” said R. Stewart Perry, chairman of the board of the ADA.

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