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Altrient introduces three new supplements


LAS VEGAS — Altrient is launching three new nutritional supplements that will be available on the company's website.

The company said the lineup includes:

  • Altrient C, a full-potency vitamin C formula (which touts 1,000 mg of vitamin C in each packet);

  • Altrient ME, which combines B vitamins, essential trace minerals and cinnamon extract to boost energy and reduce the harmful byproducts of cell metabolism (and contains 313.5 mg of the "metabolic enhancement" formula in each packet); and

  • Altrient GSH, which delivers 450 mg of glutathione sulfhydryl, an antioxidant, in each packet.

All of the supplements use a proprietary liposome encapsulated delivery system that's designed to transport pure, essential nutrients throughout the body, the company said.

Altrient products will be delivered in cartons of 30 single-serving packets.

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