CHATSWORTH, Calif. Natrol on Monday introduced a new supplement, Black Powder, under its Medical Research Institute brand. Black Powder is a highly potent nitric oxide generating pre-workout formula.

Nitric oxide helps dilate blood vessels that deliver muscle building agents, essentially feeding muscles with nutrients during both workout and recovery. Black Powder provides an enhanced boost of nitric oxide with the use of ACTINOS2IR, a highly concentrated form of the whey-peptide fraction.

“This is exactly the kind of innovation that made the MRI acquisition so desirable to us,” stated Wayne Bos, Natrol’s president and chief executive officer. “Black Powder is an excellent line extension that reinforces our premium brand position across the entire MRI portfolio of products. We will continue to invest in a strong research and development effort across all of our brands to ensure that each retains its cutting-edge market position.”

MRI's products are primarily distributed through GNC.

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