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Bio-Oil supports Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors in latest video campaign


NEW YORK - Bio-Oil, the specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, on Wednesday launched their "Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin" video campaign.

"It's important for burn survivors to know they are not alone in their journey," Gail Roddy, general manager of Bio-Oil at Pacific World. "Bio-Oil's goal is to bring more awareness and comfort to the burn survivor community as well as spread the message of positivity to everyone to be comfortable in their skin through this inspiring video."

The video, made in partnership with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, addresses the life-changing benefits that burn camps, such as Camp Nah Nah Mah run by the University of Utah, and their specialized programming, can offer young burn survivors. For every share of the video, Bio-Oil will make a $1 donation to The Phoenix Society, the leading national nonprofit organization for burn survivors.

"It's kind of common nature in our society to look at people that look different than we do every day. I think you should walk up to someone that you're staring at that might have a burn injury and say, 'You know what, I noticed you're a burn survivor. Congratulations on surviving something so difficult. You're really doing a great job!'" Camp Nah Nah Mah founder and former director Brad Wiggins shares in the video. "That's what our programming's about for me - it's really about letting survivors discover that it doesn't matter that they're burned and there's nothing that they can't do."

During the month of October, consumers are being urged to share this documentary video in the hopes of increasing awareness and providing support to other burn survivors. For each share of the video, $1 will be donated to the Phoenix Society for burn survivors (up to $25,000).

The Burn Survivor video Bio-Oil produced last year in collaboration with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors received over 3 million views to date and raised nearly $100,000 dollars. To help support Bio-Oil in their cause, visit their Facebook page to watch and share the video.

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