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Busy Breathers gains online distribution for portable oxygen backpacks


DENVER — Busy Breathers on Tuesday announced the availability of its portable oxygen backpacks on e-commerce sites and and in 75 Walgreens locations throughout Colorado.  

“This is an important move for the company, but also significant to the tens of thousands of people who struggle with managing an active life with an oxygen tank,” stated Michelle Staley, founder of Busy Breathers. “Busy Breather bags, especially with the new design launched in August, helps enable both parents with children who have respiratory problems and adults with respiratory illnesses to lead a more active life with their essential oxygen tank.”

Staley first developed the initial idea for Busy Breathers when her son was born three months premature and was treated in the neonatal intensive care unit of Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver for four months. After her son was released, he still needed to be on oxygen for two years, so Staley developed the Busy Breathers backpack to make it more convenient for her to juggle her toddler and an oxygen tank.

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