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Callitas Health relaunches ToConceive personal lubricant


CINCINNATI — Callitas Health (formerly M Pharmaceutical) last week announced the market re-launch of ToConceive, a fertility enhancing vaginal gel, lubricant and moisturizer that may aid in creating an optimal environment for natural conception. The newly reformulated moisturizer is now paraben-free to prevent potential negative side effects on hormones and includes only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to help increase natural lubrication.

The newly re-launched product is Health Canada compliant and has been available for purchase online as of Sept.  29, 2017.

Based on the science behind the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and sperm capacitation, ToConceive was scientifically developed by Ronald Thompson to assist in creating the right environment for conception. ToConceive, in studies, has been shown to help enhance a woman's own natural lubrication, which contains the proteins and other co-factors needed to help conceive naturally.

Acknowledging that approximately 75% of unexplained infertility cases among healthy couples can be traced back to a lack of natural vaginal lubrication, ToConceive provides couples trying to conceive with a natural, non-invasive and cost-effective product. The easy-to-apply patented gel includes key ingredients such as menthol and l-arginine, a naturally occurring amino-acid that help supports the production of nitric oxide, and in turn, may help stimulate blood flow to the vagina and other tissues.

"Recognizing both the financial and emotional burden that many couples experience while trying to conceive, ToConceive provides a cost-effective and minimally invasive option, as well as a community of couples who are undergoing similar journeys," said Lindsey Thompson, director brand management, Callitas Therapeutics. "Callitas Therapeutics is committed to shaping the future of healthcare, and ToConceive is a prime example of an innovative product that is paving-the-way for those seeking fertility assistance."

A 90-day supply of ToConceive is $129.99 and will available for purchase online, the company stated.


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