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Carex promotes light therapy to combat winter blues


NORWELL, Mass. - Carex Health Brands is working to educate consumers about bright light therapy systems, the company announced Thursday. 


“During the winter, consumers may experience weight gain, low energy, sadness, social withdrawal or irregular sleeping patterns,” explains Peter Walker, product manager at Carex Health Brands. “These symptoms are a result of light deprivation caused by less available sunlight during the winter and can often be effectively remedied using short daily doses of bright light therapy in the morning.”


Carex Health Brands offers three clinical bright light therapy lamps for use at-home or on-the-go: The Day-Light Sky, Day-Light Classic and the newly released Day-Light Classic Plus. Each lamp provides clinically-recommended 10,000 LUX and 99.3% UV-filtered white light. Bright Light Therapy will allow consumers to experience relief from the winter blues in 20- to 30-minute treatment sessions.


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