CareZips provide caregivers optimal solution for addressing incontinence


ATLANTA — CareZips recently showcased its unisex three-zippered pants at the recent ECRM’s Home Health Care Efficient Program Planning Session. It's a solution to a problem caregivers will be facing more and more as baby boomers get older.

CareZips allows for an easier change of the adult diaper/brief or for care of abdominal wounds and catheter bags. The design creates a full-frontal pants opening from the waist to the knees – a new product in apparel for the adult market.

“After watching caregivers struggle to change the adult diaper and seeing the discomfort the process caused to my parent, I thought surely there is a more efficient and more compassionate solution to address adult incontinence," stated Molly Dye, president CareZips.

CareZips also allow for less back strain for the caregiver, more dignity for all, a faster change and easier handling of an adult. Because of Spandex and the soft twisted yarns in a flexible twill weave, the pants are more comfortable to wear.

The pants come in many sizes and four different colors.

Retailers attending the ECRM Home Health Care event identified CareZips as one of the more interesting products shown at the event.


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