ChopSaver chapped-lip solution 'not just for musicians'

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ChopSaver chapped-lip solution 'not just for musicians'

By Michael Johnsen - 01/26/2018
ChopSaver Lip Care earlier this week posted its latest social media ad touting its lip balm ("the one the pros use") for helping to soothe chapped lips.

"While ChopSaver was originally created for musicians, a formula this effective should be enjoyed by anyone," Dan Gosling, CEO Good for the Goose Products, said. "Here is [a] video that explains the history of ChopSaver and why everyone should use it – in just 30 seconds. It might not be as funny as the now famous 'Flying Instruments' video on our homepage, but we think it’s pretty effective. We encourage you all to share this, especially with your non-musician friends."

That first video captured almost 600,000 views. Gosling, a professional trumpet player turned lip balm entrepreneur, created ChopSaver in his kitchen in 2004 using arnica, a sunflower extract and natural anti-inflammatory known for reducing bruising and swelling.

The company also has heart. In December, ChopSaver sent some 7,000 samples to firefighters in Southern California who had been battling fires in that region.