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CHPA OTC Academy, Univision to navigate Hispanic OTC path to purchase in upcoming webinar


WASHINGTON — In conjunction with Univision, the CHPA OTC Academy will host a complementary webinar concerning the Hispanic consumer and the self-care market on October 5, the Consumer Healthcare Products Assocation recently announced.

"Winning with U.S. Hispanics is your solution to accelerating sales growth. Join this complimentary webinar to hear new, groundbreaking research conducted by Univision and Nielsen on how Hispanic consumers think, feel and act throughout their OTC healthcare journey." CHPA stated. "Gain a deeper understanding of Hispanic consumption and purchase behaviors as it relates to the total OTC market and four key categories: pain, vitamins, cough/cold and allergies."

Not only will participants learn about Hispanic consumers' sources of healthcare information, but the webinar also will explore the juxtapositon between Hispanics and non-Hispanics in their respective OTC paths to purchase.

The lunchtime webinar will be held at 2pm EST. Registration is free.


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