CHPA releases update on latest PSE legislation


WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Thursday provided an update around pseudoephedrine legislation in its "CHPA Executive Newsletter," which is published monthly.

A bill supporting the use of the National Precursor Log Exchange is scheduled to be heard by Colorado's Senate Judiciary Committee on May 4 following a House vote of 50-14 to pass the bill.

In Hawaii, a bill to adopt NPLEx is awaiting Gov. Neil Abercrombie's signature. If signed, Hawaii would become the 22nd NPLEx state.

Alabama last month created a meth offender block list and restricted the sale of PSE to pharmacies. 

And Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has on his desk a bill that would block anyone convicted of a methamphetamine-related crime from purchasing any PSE products for a period of seven years.


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