Corgenix announces FDA approval for test to measure effectiveness of Aspirin


DENVER Corgenix Medical Corporation on Monday announced the recent introduction of its AspirinWorks Test Kit to doctors following approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

"We are pleased that AspirinWorks testing is now offered nationally through the LabCorp network of laboratories, making the test available to virtually every physician in the U.S.," stated Corgenix’ clinical affairs director Gordon Ens.

The new test, which was launched nationwide in June following FDA 510(k) clearance, measures aspirin effectiveness on platelets through direct measurement of thromboxane production (aspirin’s target). The stickier the blood platelets, the less impact the aspirin is having. This information allows physicians to individualize a patient’s therapy.

"In the past few months, we have experienced a rapid increase in public interest for the AspirinWorks test," stated Douglass Simpson, Corgenix’ president and chief executive officer. "There is growing acceptance among physicians to test for aspirin effectiveness, and we expect that by the end of 2007 a significant number of the most important clinical labs will be routinely running this test."

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