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CRN opposes petition to FDA on weight-loss claims


WASHINGTON The Council for Responsible Nutrition stands opposed to the joint citizens petition filed April 17 by the American Dietetic Association, the Obesity Society, Shaping America’s Health and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, which asks the Food and Drug Administration to treat weight-loss claims for dietary supplements as disease claims, the association stated Monday.

“CRN plans to oppose this petition to re-classify weight loss claims as either disease claims or health claims requiring FDA approval,” stated Steve Mister, president and chief executive officer of CRN. “We believe weight loss claims are legitimate and appropriate claims for products in the dietary supplement category, provided these products have substantiation to support the truthfulness of these claims. FDA has made it clear that it considers weight loss claims appropriate and permissible under the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act—meaning that manufacturers should not have to seek the Agency’s approval before making these claims. Therefore, CRN intends to vigorously defend the industry’s rights in this area.”

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