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Cruex relaunched as a fungal nail revitalizing gel


PHILADELPHIA – Ducere Pharma is relaunching Cruex as a fungal nail revitalizing gel, the company announced Tuesday.


"We are excited to be relaunching Cruex as a nail fungus gel,” said Ducere Pharma CEO Chris Dominello. Ducere Pharma conducted clinical research on Cruex in 2014 and 80% of users reported improvement in one week. The research found that the product reduced the discoloration of the affected nail and made the nail smoother after use. “With Cruex’s strong brand equity and superior claim, we believe this product will be a leader in the foot care category,” added Dominello.


Cruex Fungal Nail Revitalizing Gel, patented to improve the appearance of fungal nails, contains Bonicel - a purified filtrate produced by a probiotic called Ganeden BC. The product works topically and has been clinically proven to significantly improve the health and appearance of fungal nails.


Cruex, once manufactured by Novartis, was a popular jock-itch fighter. In 2013, Ducere Pharma bought Cruex and a number of other brands from Novartis.


Cruex will be available at retail beginning late April.


In addition to Cruex, Ducere Pharma also purchased Doan's for back pain, Comtrex for coughs and colds, Nupercainal for hemorrhoids, and Myoflex for muscle, joint and arthritis pain from Novartis.


“Our market research has shown that these products still have strong brand equity among consumers,” said Ducere Pharma director of marketing Lauren Schulz. “At Ducere Pharma, we aim to fill unmet needs under these established, trusted brand names. Finding new uses and creating new marketing campaigns is part of the plan.”


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