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DreamPak launches appetite control snack Trimma


ALEXANDRIA, Va. DreamPak Nutritional Supplements on Monday launched its appetite and weight control snack called Trimma, which contains natural appetite-reducing ingredients, the company stated.

According to the company, Trimma chocolate soft chews contain two clinically-tested ingredients, PinnoThin and Slendesta. PinnoThin stimulates the production of hunger-eliminating hormones in the body, signaling feelings of fullness to the brain. Slendesta enhances and extends the release of hunger-eliminating hormones.

“Trimma works to reduce food cravings and satisfy hunger,” said Waleed Gamay, account manager of DreamPak. “We’ve seen a shift in consumers’ attitudes toward diet as well as health and wellness, with more consumers seeking product choices that support active lifestyles.”

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