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Drive DeVilbiss to create new pediatric rehab company - 'Inspired by Drive'


PORT WASHINGTON - Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare on Tuesday announced that in January 2017 it will combine three of its rehab companies to form one larger organization called Inspired by Drive.

"Inspired by Drive's purpose was fueled by a desire to provide special needs children and their families with products that offer the highest clinical value with a visual appearance that disguises the medical nature of the product," stated Doug Francis, principal and co-founder of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

These three companies, including Columbia Medical, Specialized Orthotic Services and Wenzelite Rehab, have been significant contributors to both the pediatric and adult rehabilitation marketplace for more than 70 years, Inspired by Drive noted.

Inspired by drive will initially focus on a combination of enhancement of existing products and the creation of new products, specifically in three pediatric rehab categories - alternative positioning, bathing/toileting and mobility. Over the next several years that goal will be to expand the product offerings into more complex rehab categories.

"Our goal is to bring to market products that are representative of how inspired we are by the grace, love and determination that children with special needs, along with their family members, demonstrate in overcoming the challenges they are faced with in daily living," commented Matt Lawrence, VP and general manager of Drive DeVilbiss Rehabilitation Business.

The headquarters for Inspired by Drive will be located at the site of the current Columbia Medical location in Sante Fe Springs, Calif.

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