Drive DeVilbiss helps differentiate breast pump market

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Drive DeVilbiss helps differentiate breast pump market

By Michael Johnsen - 03/15/2018
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare on Thursday introduced its Pure Expressions Dual Channel Breast Pump, the only breast pump on the market that allows for suction strength adjustment for each breast individually.

The Port Washington, N.Y.-based manufacturer's new breast pump also features True2Nature Expression, which delivers two modes of expression – Stimulation and Expression. Simulating a baby’s instinctive nursing rhythms, it provides a pumping session as natural as the true breastfeeding experience.

In addition, the closed-loop, anti-backflow system guarantees no milk backup into the tubing or motor for a healthy experience with a pump that’s easy to clean.

The pump’s digital LCD display indicates the Stimulation and Expression modes, allows for nine suction strength adjustments for each individual breast, and includes a 30-minute timer and memory function, which auto-saves the last pumping session.

“Breastfeeding is an intimate experience a mother can share with her baby, and being able to successfully express milk when you can't breastfeed is as important as breastfeeding itself,” Jeanne Borgia, product manager – personal care for Drive DeVilbiss, said. “As the only breast pumps on the market that allow the mother to adjust the suction strength for each individual breast, the Pure Expressions Breast Pumps truly mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm and suckling pattern, helping to ensure a quicker, more comfortable experience.”

The Pure Expressions Dual Channel Breast Pump is packaged with all the necessary accessories, including storage bottles, breast shields and cushion inserts. It’s also available in various configurations, including a carry bag and insulated cooler.