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Duracell hearing aid battery receives commendation from Arthritis Foundation


BETHEL, Conn. Duracell on Wednesday announced that the Arthritis Foundation has recognized the Duracell EasyTab hearing aid battery with the Foundation’s first-ever hearing aid battery commendation for ease-of-use.

The official commendation seal, which identifies products that make living with arthritis simpler, will now appear on Duracell EasyTab packaging.

“For people with arthritis, seemingly simple daily tasks can sometimes mean severe pain and increased frustration,” stated Scott Walters, group vice president, corporate relations, Arthritis Foundation. “Through our ease-of-use commendation, we hope to help people with arthritis find products that improve their daily lives and perform essential tasks, such as changing their hearing aid battery.”

“Duracell has a long history of developing products that help make everyday life simpler,” stated Rachel Calomeni, brand manager, North America, Duracell. “Our Duracell EasyTab battery is a great example of a product designed specifically with the consumer in mind. Recognition by the Arthritis Foundation is an important commendation because it speaks directly to EasyTab’s ability to meet the needs of those who rely on our product every day.”

The Duracell EasyTab hearing aid battery features the longest tab of any hearing aid battery on the market today, Duracell stated, making it easy to remove from the packaging, hold and insert. Additional design benefits include compact, but simple-to-open packaging and color-coded batteries to make distinguishing size easier.

The Arthritis Foundation commendation comes on the heels of a new online hearing health campaign from Duracell launched at the AARP convention in December 2007. The EasyTab “We Hear You” campaign was created as more mature adults turn to the Internet to seek information about their health.

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