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Emerson Logistics’ Gibbons addresses supply chain meeting

Emerson Logistics vice president of operations Patrick Gibbons delivered the keynote address at the recent International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain in Lyon, France. He was joined by Fred Loeffel, executive vice president of strategic development for longtime Emerson Logistics partner Geodis America USA.

In their talk, Gibbons and Loeffel discussed the impact that e-commerce is having on brick-and-mortar stores through a case study on freight consolidation in Walmart’s American distribution centers. The case study also highlighted the technology that drives the program and the impact it has on service, retail compliance and CO2 emissions reduction.

The conference involved two sessions of speakers from such companies as Bayer, Michelin, Volvo and Renault Trucks. Speakers touched on such topics as using drones in the supply chain, augmented reality and autonomous logistics operations.
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