Eosera offers summer ear care tips

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Eosera offers summer ear care tips

Eosera, maker of various ear care products is highlighting ear care tips for the summer months following the launch of Ear Itch MD and Wax Blaster MD at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide. The company also has made its full lineup of products — which include Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD — available on Amazon.com.

Eosera highlighted ear cleanliness and ear wax buildup as potentially able to impact one’s summer, including cleaning headphones and hearing devices daily, as they can cause increased ear wax production. Additionally, the company noted that when cleaning ears, cotton swabs can push ear wax further into the ear canal, and highlighted Earwax MD as a way to dissolve and break up excess ear wax.

Among other potential ear hazards Eosera highlighted was swimmer’s ear, which can potentially lead to ear infection from excess moisture in the outer ear canal and be prevented by wearing earplugs when swimming and removed with a few drops of alcohol. The company also noted that ear pain and itch can be caused by dryness or associated with an infection. Eosera’s Ear Pain MD and Ear Itch MD are designed to help combat these problems, the company said.

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