European OTC sleep apnea therapy earns Frost & Sullivan distinction


LONDON — Based on its recent analysis of the sleep apnea therapy market, Frost & Sullivan on Wednesday recognized SnooZeal with the 2017 European New Product Innovation Award.

"The device is designed to accommodate the treatment needs of patients suffering from various degrees of sleep-disordered breathing by optimizing treatment parameters, which are clinically demonstrated to deliver best results and autonomy to patients," stated Arjunvasan Ambigapathy, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst. "SnooZeal anti-snoring therapy helps patients consciously correct their symptoms, which is clinically demonstrated to be more effective than therapies that are administered when the patient is unconscious. SnooZeal is the only therapeutic option aimed at reversing the cause of this condition, a value that is not seen in most widely-prescribed products in the market today."

SnooZeal addresses the root causes of sleep apnea by training the tongue muscles through continuous transmucosal electrical stimulation therapy. Because of its over-the-counter status in Europe, SnooZeal is one of the most accessible anti-snoring products available in the market today.

Within a year of its inception, SnooZeal received commercial approval from European healthcare authorities to offer its product OTC as a clinically safe and effective alternative to sleep apnea therapy. The product is awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration and is expected to be available soon.

"Being CE-approved for sale in the European market, SnooZeal aims to present its products across both retail and online channels in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, and other major European economies in the near future," noted Ambigapathy. "With plans to expand its market across emerging economies such as Russia, Mexico, India, China, Canada, and Brazil, SnooZeal's net market value could be higher than most medical device companies in this emerging industry sector and most other companies operating within the European market today."

SnooZeal is the only product in the European market used as a therapy during waking hours, Frost & Sullivan noted, enhancing patient convenience and adherence. To be cured of various stages of sleep apnea, the user needs to wear the mouthpiece for at least 20 minutes twice a day for a minimum of 6 weeks.

According to Frost & Sullivan, one of SnooZeal's most innovative features is its simple design comprising three components:

  • A wearable mouthpiece in the form of a glove that fits onto the tongue;

  • A rechargeable control unit attached to the mouthpiece through a mini-USB connection; and

  • A remote control unit and a smartphone app to manage various treatment parameters that are ideal for patients.

When designing the mouthpiece, SnooZeal's team worked with various dentists and maxillofacial surgeons to ensure the product is flexible enough to cover and fit various tongue sizes, without restricting its potential for OTC sales across specific geographies.


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