Everett Labs launches supplement to support ovulation function


WEST ORANGE, N.J. — Everett Labs on Monday announced the launch of Pregnitude, a dietary supplement that helps support ovulation function and menstrual cycle regularity for women who are interested in conceiving.

“There is a tremendous need for support of couples having difficulty conceiving," said Scott Eder, Everett medical director. "They’re often left frustrated and anxious, and the stress can compound the problem. Pregnitude can help support ovulation function, menstrual cycle regularity and quality of eggs during this difficult time.”

The supplement is formulated with myo-inositol, a naturally occurring substance produced in the body that belongs to the vitamin B complex group and is found naturally in such foods as fruits, cereals with high bran content, nuts and beans, the company stated.

Pregnitude is a powder formulation that is mixed with water and taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.

According to the company, controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that supplementation with myo-inositol has a beneficial effect on ovulatory function, improving ovulation frequency, promoting menstrual cycle regularity and improving the quality of oocytes, or immature eggs.

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