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Fairhaven Health presents clinical study results for FertilAid for Men


BELLINGHAM, Wash. Fairhaven Health, which manufactures a male fertility supplement, recently presented a clinical study at the American Society of Andrology’s annual meeting, the company announced Tuesday.

Results from a recent clinical study indicate that FertilAid for Men provides significant improvements in sperm quality for men with abnormal sperm parameters. In particular, results of the 90-day, double blind, placebo-controlled study suggest that FertilAid for Men supports significant increases in the total number of normal motile sperm. Previous clinical studies have suggested a strong relationship between the “total normal-motile sperm count” and the fertility of the man.

“Most of the men that had increased sperm counts while taking FertilAid for Men also showed improvements of 20% or more in the number of healthy sperm,” stated lead researcher J. Ellington.

FertilAid for Men is a male fertility supplement that integrates vitamins, antioxidants, a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients and the amino acid, l-carnitine. Scientific literature suggests that antioxidants can improve male fertility by reducing oxidative stress and damage to spermatozoa, while supporting fundamental protective functions of the seminal plasma which insulate and nourish sperm. In independent studies, antioxidants reduce “free-radical” damage, in particular to the sperm’s DNA or genetic material, resulting in better pregnancy outcomes.

Research on the amino acid, l-carnitine, yields similar pro-fertility findings: L-carnitine supports “sperm metabolism”, or the ability for sperm to break down complex molecules to produce energy. L-carnitine has been shown in a number of clinical studies to enhance several fundamental sperm parameters, including sperm concentration, motility and normal morphology.

Fairhaven Health’s distribution partners include, BabyCenter and, as well as a number of clinics and private practices nationwide.

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