FC2 Female Condom featured on DTC website


CHICAGO — The Female Health Company, maker of the FC2 Female Condom, on Wednesday announced the launch of its online store for direct-to-consumer retail purchases. 


The FC2 Female Condom offers a non-hormonal birth control option under a woman's control that also protects against sexually transmitted diseases. The only other dual-protection option available today is the male condom. 


"FC2 is made of nitrile polymer, which enhances heat transfer, and the loose fitting sheath adheres to the vaginal wall," noted Karen King, president and CEO of The Female Health Company. "Combined, these features lead to a more natural feel when compared to male latex condoms. FC2, which is available in more than 144 countries, has been embraced by women around the world, but is not well known in the United States," she said. "We believe it is time for women in the U.S. to learn about our non-hormonal option, which eliminates such side effects while offering users a more satisfying option to male condoms." 


The Female Health Company is implementing direct-to-consumer initiatives in multiple markets, including the United States, Europe and South Africa. "This represents an important element in our company's growth strategy, which is focused on driving FC2 utilization and introducing portfolio diversification," King said. "We continue to make progress on all fronts towards the implementation of this strategy and remain committed to building long term value for our investors and customers around the world."


The FC2 Female Condom is available to U.S. consumers online through Walgreens.com, Drugstore.com, and now directly from The Female Health Company.


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