FDA recognizes Cognis’ Tonalin CLA diet aid as safe


LAGRANGE, Ill. Cognis Nutrition and Health earlier this week announced that the Food and Drug Administration issued a ‘no questions letter’ with regard to Cognis’ Tonalin CLA, a diet aid supplement, which grants the nutrient generally-recognized-as-safe status.

The new FDA GRAS status expands the use of Tonalin CLA into the following approved food applications: milk and flavored milk products; yogurt products; ;fruit juice products; soy milk beverages; and meal replacement beverages and bars.

Cognis cites scientific evidence in making the claim that CLA helps consumers reduce body fat up to 9 percent, prevent fat regain and improve the ratio of lean body mass to body fat. Tonalin works by decreasing the amount of fat stored after eating, increasing the rate of fat breakdown and metabolism, helping the body use its existing fat for energy, and decreasing the total number of fat cells. Tonalin’s effectiveness has been confirmed by 17 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals, the company stated.

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