FDA siezes more than $1.3 million in LG Sciences' dietary supplements


ROCKVILLE, Md. In a move that may show Congress and public that the Food and Drug Administration is already effectively regulating both dietary supplements and the potential contamination of those supplements with steroids, the FDA last week seized more than $1.3 million in dietary supplements from LG Sciences of Brighton, Mich. because the products contained unapproved ingredients. The specific ingredients were not identified by the agency.

Labeled as dietary supplements, the products are marketed for use by body builders . under the brand names “Methyl 1-D,” “Methyl 1-D XL,” and “Formadrol Extreme XL.”

“The FDA takes seriously its responsibility to protect Americans from unsafe dietary supplements,” stated Margaret Glavin, FDA’s associate commissioner of the Office of Regulatory Affairs. “[Last week’s] action shows FDA’s commitment to protecting consumers from potentially harmful products.”

“Working with the FDA, we are taking prompt civil action to protect the public health by seizing these illegal products and forestalling their shipment into the stream of commerce in any manner that could create harm to the public,” stated U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy.

The FDA has not received scientific information on the safety of the seized products and cannot determine, at this time, whether they represent a hazard to consumers, the agency reported.

In March 2006, the FDA warned Legal Gear (the predecessor of LG Sciences) to cease distribution of a different product that was marketed as a dietary supplement but was actually an unapproved new drug containing synthetic steroids.

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