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Female Health Company planning launch of PE remedy Preboost


MIAMI -- The Female Health Company on Thursday announced plans to launch its Preboost premature ejaculation wipes into the U.S. market by the end of the year, following positive clinical trials.

“Our interim results in men with PE show that Preboost appears to prolong time to ejaculation, supporting the clinical validity of Preboost for the management of PE,” stated Mitchell Steiner, president and CEO of The Female Health Company/Veru Healthcare. “These interim analysis results show that Preboost improved both objective and subjective symptoms of PE compared to placebo. We believe PREBOOST has significant advantages over currently available therapies, especially with regard to ease of use, delivery system and convenience.”

Preboost is a new, proprietary over-the-counter male genital desensitizer used for the treatment of PE. Unlike currently available OTC anesthetic sprays using lidocaine or gels using benzocaine, Preboost is an individually packaged wipe containing 4% benzocaine, which allows for direct and precise application of the same dosage each time.

“Our plan is to launch Preboost in the U.S. later this quarter through digital and social media marketing,” said Shiao Zhu, VP marketing Veru Healthcare.  “We look forward to being able to provide a tested medical therapy to men ... who suffer from PE.”

The top line results of the interim analysis from 21 men show that after two months, men treated with Preboost had statistically significant improvement in their ability to control ejaculation, with a mean increase in duration of almost four minutes, which was significantly greater than men on placebo.  After treatment with Preboost, 80% of men were no longer considered to have PE.


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