Feminine wash, hot flash relief products launched into market


JACKSON, Wis. Lake Consumer Products recently launched its Yeast-Gard Homeopathic Feminine Wash, a feminine hygiene product wash that incorporates tea tree oil — an anti-fungal — to help restore and maintain a balanced vaginal environment. It is also specially formulated to help sustain the natural bacteria that help guard against the occurrence of yeast infections.

The new Yeast-Gard feminine wash is suitable for regular use and comes in 6.7 oz bottle, which retails for $6.99.

Lake Consumer also recently introduced Me Again Cooling Gel Hot Flash Relief, a topical gel that is applied with a roller ball to the back-of-the-neck or wrists of those suffering from a hot flash. The gel provides an immediate cooling sensation that effectively helps decrease the discomfort associated with hot flashes caused by menopause.

The Me Again Cooling Gel Hot Flash Relief is available now at CVS/pharmacy and retails for $9.99.

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