Flex period products come to Target

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Flex period products come to Target

By David Salazar - 04/16/2019
Emerging period product brand Flex is broadening its reach by launching into Target stores nationwide. Founded by Lauren Schulte Wang in 2015, the company is debuting its new Flex Cup in Target alongside its Flex Discs.

Flex got its start as a direct-to-consumer company selling its flagship menstrual disc, a single-use product that sits just past the vaginal canal and can be used up for 12 hours, including during sex, with the ability to hold as much fluid as three super tampons, according to the company.

In October, Flex acquired Keela, started by Jane Hartman Adamé, now Flex’s senior brand strategist, who redesigned the menstrual cup to be as easy to remove as a tampon — paving the way for the Flex Cup’s launch. The Flex Cup currently is the only product on the market with the easy-to-remove ReleaseRing design and is made from medical-grade silicone that also is BPA-free and hypoallergenic.

Alongside the product launches, Flex said the Target launch offers the brand the opportunity to grow its private research community, which it has dubbed the Uterati, from a national base. Flex said it chose Target as a strategic partner to help diversity the Uterati and allowing it to expand its research by inviting new consumers to help improve the future of menstrual health.

“I started [Flex] because I felt that I was being ignored — I was told by doctors and society that uncomfortable periods were just a part of life and to accept it. It wasn't until I found the courage to talk about my own struggles that heard from countless people that I wasn't alone in my suffering and frustration," Schulte Wang said. “This is why listening to customers is the number one priority for me. We invest in R&D because it allows us to make truly unique period products that improve people's lives every day. Thanks to our partnership with Target, more people will have access to our breakthrough technologies and we'll be able to expand our range of listening and continue to create products that impact lives.”