Foundation Consumer Healthcare closes Plan B One-Step buy, names new CEO

PITTSBURGH — Foundation Consumer Healthcare has announced a new addition to its product offerings. The company has completed its $675 million acquisition of Plan B One-Step and two value emergency contraceptive brands from Teva. Alongside its new products, the company has added Greg Bradley, a  34-year CPG industry veteran, as its president and CEO.

“As the #1 OB/GYN recommended OTC emergency contraceptive brand and an important birth control option for women across the United States, Plan B One-Step is the perfect addition to our growing portfolio,” Bradley said. “We look forward to devoting immense resources to support Plan B One-Step and working closely with our retail partners to ensure continued access to this critical women’s health product.”

Bradley’s experience includes improving in-market performance of existing OTC healthcare brands. He has worked at GlaxoSmithKline overseeing several prescription-to-OTC switches, and founded Advantage Consumer Healthcare in 2011. Advantage Consumer Healthcare specialized in OTC switches and healthcare product launches. Foundation Consumer Healthcare said Advantage Consumer Healthcare would remain as its OTC selling partners.

Among the products marketed by Foundation Consumer Healthcare is St. Joseph Aspirin, Theravent, Neo-Synephrine, Bronkaid and Campho Phenique. The company’s senior leadership has more than 80 years of collective experience, it said.

“The senior leadership team at FCH is dedicated to supporting innovative therapies and focused on driving growth across our product portfolio,” Bradley said. “As the category leader, Plan B One-Step plays an important role in women’s health, and FCH is eager to invest the resources and thinking necessary to help Plan B One-Step fulfill that role.”