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Funding round brings higi $21M, new investors

Population health enablement company higi has completed a fundraising round that brought the company $21.3 million, led by such new investors as Flare Capital Partners and 7wireVentures. Higi said it would focus its new resources on expanding access points to its health monitoring stations, broaden engagement and bring population health workflow insights to bear on prevention and value-based outcomes.

Currently, higi has more than 11,000 smart health stations that enable consumers to create and build a longitudinal health profile and connect it to 80 health devices and applications, as well as their electronic health records.

“Building on their vast reach and established partnerships, higi is uniquely positioned to enable healthcare organizations improve risk stratification of their patient population and deepen their understanding of people’s health needs in real time – leading to prevention, early intervention and better care at lower costs,” Flare Capital Partners’ Michael Greeley said. “This investment will accelerate the company’s growth, and provide the leverage needed to continue building deeper data-driven solutions that can truly close gaps in care.”

As health care shifts to where it’s delivered — with retail becoming the frontline health-and-wellness marketplace, higi said it is hoping to accelerate this shift and serve as a “digital connective tissue” to help track and manage their health data.

“We are pleased to have raised over $21 million during this round. The significant investor interest reinforces higi’s unique position to connect consumers with payers and providers to deliver the services they need,” said higi CEO Jeff Bennett. “As retailers continue to bring healthcare solutions into their storefronts and consumers are looking for more effective means to manage their health, higi is forging this path by providing convenient and free ways to measure, connect, and act on health information.”
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