GNC, Discovery partners on get-fit 'Transformation Diaries' Web series


PITTSBURGH — GNC last week partnered with Discovery Fit & Health on "Transformation Diaries," a custom Web series that follows four women working to achieve their personal "live well" goals. Fitness expert JJ Virgin is serving as the women’s mentor.

"'Transformation Diaries' brings to life GNC's mission of helping people live well every day by providing products and information that have a positive influence on their lifestyles," stated Jeff Hennion, EVP and chief marketing officer and e-commerce at GNC. "These four women have unique histories and are pursuing widely different goals, but their journeys share a spirit and tenacity that will resonate with anyone who has fought to make a change in their lives."

"Discovery Communications delivers the most compelling real-world stories to viewers across platforms, and we are excited to partner with GNC for 'Transformation Diaries,'" said Guhan Selvaretnam, SVP digital media for Discovery Communications.

In addition to their personalized webisodes, "Transformation Diaries" will chronicle each woman's journey through first-person blog and vlog posts, providing online audiences with a monthly behind-the-scenes look at the women's struggles and accomplishments. The participant plans, which include exercise, nutrition and supplement regimens, will be available online for viewers to follow as well.

The four women whose transformations will be chronicled include:

  • Malia, age 45, from Ft. Washington, Md. Malia had run marathons and climbed mountains before she was seriously injured in a car accident in 2010. After a nine-month physical recovery, Malia is ready to resume her physical pursuits;

  • Ingrid, age 48, from Marietta, Ga. A mom and actress who had always found herself playing the "funny, fat role." As she prepares for an upcoming leading role and her daughter's high school graduation, Ingrid is determined to look and feel her best;

  • Simona, age 31, from Washington, D.C. In 2008, Simona won a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics — as a coxswain for the rowing team, she filled one of the few able-bodied roles at the competition. But Simona is finding it harder and harder to find time to exercise and cook healthy, family-friendly meals. With her 10-year college reunion coming up, Simona wants to bring exercise back into her life and look like the athlete she once was; and

  • Angela, age 25, from Marietta, Ga. Inspired by her mom, who lost weight when she found out she had high blood pressure, Angela began looking for an exercise regimen she could stick to and manageable ways to eat right, even when she's out with friends. She is preparing to run a 5K and serve as maid of honor in her cousin's wedding.

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