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Goldstein Group unveils brand rejuvination for Bayer's Neo-Synephrine


MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Bayer recently engaged the Goldstein Group to rejuvenate the cough-cold Neo-Synephrine brand and improve the brand's identity on shelf.

The brand design group employs such tools as its trademarked Shelf Sight Sequence, a packaging design service that improves shelf presence with "a visual vocabulary of proprietary colors, shapes, symbols and verbiage ... to trigger the consumer's purchasing impulse at first sight."

"TGG evolved [NeoSynephrine's] on-shelf presence by increasing the 'fast acting' and 'focused relief' [that] NeoSynephrine provides by incorporating a stylized telescopic sight and spotlight effect into the brand’s logotype," noted Terri Goldstein, TGG CEO. "TGG also refreshed and realigned packaging elements to improve the impact of the product’s efficacy, benefits and range of offerings. Now, the brand has a revitalized shelf-strategy that may be quickly felt and understood."

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