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GSK Consumer Healthcare unveils Theraflu PowerPods

Looking to make cold and flu symptom relief from a known name more convenient, GSK Consumer Healthcare has introduced Theraflu PowerPods Severe Cold. Available in both daytime and nighttime varieties, PowerPods can be used with single-serve coffee machines to brew a cup of Theraflu.

"At GSK, we continuously challenge ourselves to provide Theraflu consumers with new ways to 'do sick differently'," said Latisha Tillie, senior brand manager of Theraflu. "Our goal with the launch of PowerPods is to expand cold and flu remedies beyond the medicine cabinet and into the center of everyday wellness — the kitchen."

Alongside the launch, GSK Consumer Healthcare declared the first week of October the first week of cold and flu season. The company said it compared historical incident data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sickweather social sentiment regarding illness symptoms and U.S. sales fo Theraflu products to note that this week is when the incidence of influenza-like illness is set to start to increase for the season.

The company created the Cold & Fly Tracker in partnership with the Weather Channel to help consumers keep track of flu activity.

Theraflu PowerPods are available online and at major retailers nationwide, the company said.
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