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Harris poll shows probiotics not yet on Americans' packing lists


SAN BRUNO, Calif. According to a recent survey released Wednesday by BioCodex, makers of the probiotic Florastor, 63 percent of survey respondents reported traveler’s diarrhea as a problem they’ve had during travel, even domestically. When preparing for a trip, one in four U.S. travelers pack an anti-diarrheal medication, but while probiotics are gaining recognition in this country as a method to manage diarrhea, only 1 percent of U.S. travelers say they pack probiotics.

“Many people in other parts of the world, particularly Europeans, are firm believers in using probiotics to ward off traveler’s diarrhea, but Americans are just catching on to the concept of probiotics in general,” stated Dr. Patricia, BioCodex spokeswoman. “[Probiotics are] a great alternative to anti-diarrheals that simply stop the symptoms, but don’t address the cause.”

Harris Interactive fielded the study on behalf of Robin Leedy & Associates Feb. 21-25, 2008, interviewing a nationwide sample of 2,602 U.S. adults aged 18 years and older.

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